Friday, May 27, 2011

Thinking Sphinx giving error "Failed to start searchd daemon"

I have Rails 3.0 application running on Windows 7. I am using Thinking Sphinx. I configured it and worked for few days. One day, after some file update when I ran "rake ts:start", it gives following errors:

C:\projects\demo>rake ts:start
(in C:/projects/demo)

Sphinx cannot be found on your system. You may need to configure the following
settings in your config/sphinx.yml file:
  * bin_path
  * searchd_binary_name
  * indexer_binary_name

For more information, read the documentation:
C:/Ruby187/bin/rake: No such file or directory - searchd --pidfile --config "C:/projects/demo/config/development.sphinx.conf"
Failed to start searchd daemon. Check C:/projects/demo/log/searchd.log.
Failed to start searchd daemon. Check C:/projects/demo/log/searchd.log

When I checked 'searchd.log' file it displays following error:
[Wed Apr 27 19:28:50.187 2011] [  236] accepting connections
[Wed Apr 27 19:35:05.546 2011] [  236] caught SIGTERM, shutting down
[Wed Apr 27 19:35:05.630 2011] [  236] shutdown complete

Steps to fix the error:

Change the 'config/sphinx.yml' file and give path to bin directory where Sphinx is installed as given below:
  bin_path: "C:/Sphinx/bin"

Then run
rake thinking_sphinx:index
rake thinking_sphinx:start
and it will run without any error.

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